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Right Channels with the right message at the right time.

Spanish speakers make up the  largest minority of Internet user base in the U.S. – meaning your target market will expect to receive information online. Whether your audience is based in North America or internationally, there are customizations required for each region. We’ll help you uncover the right target market and the perfect way to capture their attention.

If you’ve established that you want to reach a Hispanic demographic, we can assume that you have figured out the “who” question, but have you figured out the “where?” Are you trying to reach people located in Latin America? In Latin America, are you looking to reach a demographic in the Tier 1 cities like Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Buenos Aires or more than 100 Tier 2 cities with a population of 1 million+ people each?

Or are you looking to reach a localized Spanish speaking demographic in the USA, Canada, UK, or other English speaking country? Each city has its own set of Hispanic cultural nuances, and targeting the Hispanic population in London, UK is different than North American cities with a high-percentage Hispanic population like  Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Chicago or New York.

Let us handle the tough stuff. Whether you’re an English or Spanish-speaking business, we’ll gain you the trust and interest of the Hispanic market. Latin Digital will craft a detailed Hispanic marketing strategy, plan your budget, choose the optimal channels for your needs, execute your campaigns and provide detailed reporting.

Reach your target market both online and offline utilizing our expert spanish language media buyers.


  • Cultural Understanding: The digital media landscape is uniquely complex in the Hispanic market. We’ll showcase your message using the right language, tone, and calls to action.
  • Platform Navigation: In different regions, there are various local media channels you don’t want to miss out on. We do the research to fine-tune and design the best Hispanic media buying campaigns for your business.
  • Audience Targeting: We fine-tune ads for granular demographic targeting to ensure they reach the right people at the right time.



It’s better to ask us what we don’t do in the Hispanic digital media buying space. We provide the best in Hispanic display advertising and online media buying including RTB, programmatic, retargeting, video ads, and much more.

We have access to the biggest ad exchanges in the United States and Latin America, such as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Facebook, Google, Rubicon, and iAds/Hispanic.

We’ll choose the most efficient media channels for positioning your brand and maximizing your presence in the Hispanic market, while taking care of all campaign planning and buying. Direct online media buying with individual publishers will be facilitated, along with social influencer outreach campaigns and contesting.

Latin Digital  handles all of the creative development in-house — text ads, banner and video creative design, analytics integration, translation, and the development of apps, websites, infographics, landing pages or microsites.



While our primary focus is in digital advertising, we can assist with TV, print, radio, and outdoor campaigns. Our services include:

  • Integrated channel strategy
  • Full digital media capabilities including
    • Social media
    • Programmatic buying and direct partnerships
    • Sem & plas
  • Advanced video
  • International, National and Local broadcast
  • Out-of-home
  • Print
  • Experiential and sponsorships
  • Cross-cultural Strategy
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards

Full scale community management and promoted post amplification in Hispanic social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and more.

Did you know that Hispanic speakers are the world’s most active social media participants?

There’s no doubt that with the right selection of platforms, a stellar social media campaign will boost brand awareness and sales.

Hispanic social media is an explosive space, with constantly-changing local players. The Hispanic-speaking demographic in the U.S. as well as Latin America and Spain are on social media platforms that are familiar to all participants —Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn are enormously popular among Hispanic-speakers.



  • Understanding: It’s vital to understand the complex social landscape before engaging with Hispanic customers on social media. Our team will craft your campaigns with engaging content tailored to country of origin, culture, values, language, age, gender — you name it.
  • Strategizing: We will help develop a strategic plan to build and engage a targeted social audience for your brand.
  • Adaptation: As avid Hispanic social media users ourselves, our team has a finger on the pulse of rapidly-changing social trends. You’ll never miss out on new platform or functionality options.
  • Advertising: We’re not only the experts in creating great content, but also in advertising on social. This includes Facebook advertising, Youtube advertising, Twitter, and in-depth analytics to ensure you’re getting the best ROI.


Show up when it matters most, when potential Hispanic customers are searching for your products or services

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) help you show up when it matters most: when potential Hispanic customers are searching for your products or services.

No matter the language of your audience, they want to find you online quickly and easily. Maximize your search engine presence with SEO and pay-per-click advertising (SEM).

Hispanic SEO + SEM are very different than their English cousins, and require an advanced skill set.

If your target is the U.S. Hispanic Market ,we will optimize your SEO and SEM campaigns for local customers searching with Spanish language browser settings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Familiarity: Far beyond simple translation, Hispanic keyword research requires listening, analysis, and cultural understanding. As bilingual Hispanics, we have the knowledge and capacity to take this on.

Research Capability: The search behaviors of hispanics living internationally differ across thee region. Most of them use mixed search engines. We’ll customize your strategy based on research into your target audience and their demographic preferences.

Precision: We customize SEO and pay-per-click tactics (SEM) for each platform, and optimize your site with select spanish keywords to help you gain top rankings.

We’re the professionals in producing culturally appropriate translated content that drives conversions.

We’re the professionals in producing culturally appropriate translated content which drives conversions.

Our experts craft authentic, engaging content designed to drive straight to conversion points. We collaborate with our design partners to create beautiful websites, fully optimized to gain traffic and rankings.


  • Fluency: We know that certain phrasing, idioms and tone may cause the wrong reactions in your Hispanic market. We perform website or app translation with the content and language that will appeal naturally to your audience.
  • Sales Capability: We understand which calls-to-action work best in your market, and use them to connect with and drive conversions from your audience.
  • Congruency: We carry your branding into imagery, content, ad copy, social media and more, meaning you’re recognizable at every point of interaction.

You won’t meet an agency more enthusiastic about reporting on the ROI of your campaigns and creating custom dashboards.

We’re an agency with unlimited drive for reporting on the ROI of your campaigns and creating custom dashboards.

Tracking your success is our passion. With the right tools in hand, Latin Digital  measures your campaigns’ performance, reveals uncovered opportunities and continually refines for the best results.

We’ll have you fully covered with Google Analytics and Salesforce


  • Agility: We’ll be quickly alerted to areas which require improvement, and can perform optimization continuously.
  • Coordination: We can compare your Hispanic-language efforts with your English campaigns, reporting on multi-language, collaborative strategies.
  • Transparency: We track how each one of your Hispanic digital marketing efforts (paid, organic, social media) are performing, and provide regular reports to ensure you’re gaining ROI.

From Hispanic App, Website, microsite and landing page development to full-scale Spanish versions of your English website.

When running Spanish language digital marketing and advertising campaigns, it is very important to direct customers to Spanish language pages on your app or website. The user experience needs to be respected: the content of the advertising must match the destination URL. You can’t take users from a Spanish-language ad to an english-language website.

If you’re looking to develop a Spanish version of your website, Latin Digital offers different options for your needs.


A landing page, or series of landing pages, present all of the relevant information about your products and services in a concise manner. Here are some of their top features:

Landing pages will often have a lead generation form or quick contact form located above the fold of the page in order to capture potential customer information quickly and efficiently.

A prominent phone number can also be used to direct people to call a specific number where someone who speaks spanish. Click-to-call and other call tracking can be integrated to measure conversions, as well as form technology with Hispanic form labels and Salesforce CRM integration.

Remarketing and custom analytics are often implemented to help maximize ROI on digital marketing spend.


In some campaigns, where there is a lot of information to display or multiple objectives, it may make more sense to develop a microsite to showcase all of the information. In these instances, a microsite will be developed that is customized to meet the objectives of the campaign.


App or Web development
If you have an App or Website development team in house, we will work with them and provide consulting services based on our understanding of the Hispanic audience.

If you have determined that it is appropriate to make a significant investment into the Hispanic marketplace , and need to launch a full-scale Hispanic Market oriented App or Website development project, Latin Digital can help. Regardless of your needs, get in touch today and we’ll start the process of identifying the solutions best suited to your business.

Adapt your advertising creative to be tailored to a Hispanic audience and develop new advertising campaigns.

Latin Digital is a full-service hispanic marketing agency specializing in cross-cultural campaigns for our customers’ target markets. Our highly talented team of strategists, designers, and developers work with you to bring your brand to life and drive traffic to your business online.

Our clients require our creative services to develop advertising messaging for their campaigns. In most cases, our clients already have relationships with a creative agency; we understand that and are not looking to take over those relationships. However, sometimes these agencies lack the resources or expertise for designing multi-lingual campaigns and that’s where we can be of assistance. Whether it’s designing an ad for Univision, Galavison, Televisa or developing a Spanish language microsite with matching banner ads and online creative, we can fill in the gaps and develop efficiently integrated campaigns in a timely manner.

If you need one agency to manage all aspects of your spanish marketing, Latin Digital can be that agency. Of course, we do not do everything in-house and have partners for some tactics and channels (for example, we do not film video, but work with creative partners that specialize in video). We’re happy to serve as the main point of contact and manage the partner relationships.

Set-up Mercado Libre, Ebay, Aliexpress and Amazon Mexico, or have product fulfillment and shipping in any Latin American Country? Bridge the gap and get your products in-market..

If your business is looking to sell your products online to hispanics in the U.S. or Latin American countries, you will either need to set-up your own standalone eCommerce store, or use a 3rd party platform such as Mercado Libre, AliExpress, Ebay or an Amazon store.

At Latin Digital, we can support your business with this process and connect you with our trusted partners to facilitate and expedite the set-up of your eCommerce store in the U.S. or any country in Latin America or Spain. We’ll assist with the market research, planning and facilitation of the set-up process as well as the integration into advertising campaigns when your eCommerce store is ready to launch.

Every day, the landscape is shifting dramatically as eCommerce retailers flock to this rapidly expanding marketplace. Our team is located in New York, with partners here and in San Diego and Miami, along with many connections into Latin American Countries and Spain. Our multi-cultural team is able to facilitate market entry of U.S. brands into Latin America online – we can help you ease into doing business in Latin America and prevent early costly mistakes.

Develop an army of Hispanic affiliates to drive sales and lower overall cost per acquisition (CPA) of new customers.

Hispanic affiliate marketing is an extremely powerful and cost-effective channel to drive website conversions in the form of leads or ecommerce revenue from Hispanic customers. We can help you get your products and services listed with only the most trustworthy affiliate programs and manage the relationships with the platforms as well as the individual affiliates.

Latin Digital will develop the product feeds, advertising creative, copywriting, and email template translation and design. We also manage in the recruitment, selection and approval of new affiliates and influencers. We work with all of the main Hispanic affiliate programs but specialize in AliExpress, Commission Junction and Amazon.

Contact us today to start building your network of exposure.

We can connect you with highly-influential Hispanic bloggers and Hispanic social media personalities to help promote your products and services. Reaching Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) through influencer outreach and targeting is much more common and acceptable in Hispanic digital culture compared to its North American, Latin American and European counterparts, and it works.

Reach highly influential Hispanic bloggers and Hispanic social media personalities to help promote your products and services.


We perform broad research to identify relatable influencers through Hispanic social media channels
We determine how key opinion leaders are currently engaging, and define who they influence in our supporting influencer research
We develop a strategy on how to engage influencers through personalized communication and a two-way dialogue with tactics and examples – and the ultimate fluency
Typically, Latin Digital then executes on the influencer campaign and performs outreach activities, providing incentives to influencers in the form of payment or prizes/giveaways on behalf of your company.

Content marketing can accelerate your message, build trust, and if done right reach a significant audience across devices and platforms.

Latin Digital produces powerful content solutions that leverage our unique talent and our influential portfolio.

Our Solutions include:

  • Idea generation and strategies to meet your brand needs
  • Native content values with 100% share-of-voice
  • Managed and programmatic content amplification

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